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Add my company

Updated 15 December, 2016

The best way to get your company listed on Glassdoor is to submit a review. During the review process, you will have the opportunity to set up your company.

Follow the steps below to add your company through the review process.


  • Sign in to Glassdoor.

  • Click Write Review located on the upper right hand side of the Glassdoor home page.

  • Click the bubble to choose the type of review you would like to submit.
    • Note: At this time you may only add a company through the Company Review or Interview Review process.
  • Click the bubble to choose Current Employer or Former Employer.

    • Note: If you choose Former Employer a drop down will appear to choose the last year you worked at the company. Please know we only accept reviews from employees who have worked at a company within the past 5 years.

  • Enter your Employer Name.

  • Note: When entering your Employer Name, do not choose an employer from the drop down list that will appear. Instead, type in the full name of your company.

User-added image

  • Click Next.

  • After you click Next, additional fields will appear for you to add your company information.

User-added image

  • Enter your company information to the best of your ability, then click Next.

  • At this point you may continue to rate your company.

  • When you have completed your company review, click Submit my review.

Please click here for additional information and instructions about writing a company review.

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