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Fraudulent reviews

Updated 1 September, 2017

Per our Community Guidelines, Glassdoor allows members to contribute one review, per company worked at, per year. If we find evidence of a member posting multiple reviews for the same company, we will remove all contributions from the member’s account. This applies to both employers and employees.
We do allow companies to encourage their employees and job candidates to share honest reviews on Glassdoor. However, they are not allowed to offer incentives in exchange for reviews.
Glassdoor has technology filters and algorithms in place to detect fraud. To protect the integrity of Glassdoor, we do not share these processes.
We also rely on our own community of members to help police the site. If you believe there are fraudulent reviews on a profile, we ask that you flag the review(s). By doing this, you will send the reviews to our Content Moderation Team to be re-moderated and investigated further.

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