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Unsubscribe from Glassdoor emails

Updated 18 April, 2017

How to unsubscribe from all Glassdoor emails

To unsubscribe from all Glassdoor emails, updates, notifications and job alerts:

  • Click the Glassdoor profile icon.

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  • Scroll to the Global Email Settings section at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Unsubscribe All.​

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  •  A box will pop up to confirm your choice – select Unsubscribe to complete the request or Cancel to return to your settings.

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How to customize your email settings
To customize your email settings instead of unsubscribing: 

  • You may choose from 4 areas to customize:

    • Updates and News

    • Job Alerts

    • Company Alerts

    • Notifications.

  •  You may turn each section on or off by clicking the green slider button.

Note: Clicking to the left of the circle will change the button to white, signifying that you are now unsubscribed from receiving these emails.

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  • Choose which emails you would like to receive in each section by clicking the check boxes next to each option.

  • After customizing your settings, your selections will automatically save and can be modified at any time.

Job alerts and company highlights can be further customized by frequency:

  • Click the pencil edit button at the lower right corner.

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  • Click the bubble to choose Daily or Weekly, then click Save.

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Manage your email settings on Glassdoor

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