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What if an Employer believes a posting violates Glassdoor's Community Guidelines but Glassdoor will not remove the post?

Updated July 15, 2015
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Glassdoor's Community Guidelines are recommendations for how users can write reviews so that other members of our community will find them credible and useful. They also represent an effort to encourage a certain quality of discourse on our site. But while the Guidelines help inform our decision on whether or not to remove a particular post, they do not operate as a guarantee that we will remove a post whenever a user claims to have identified an infraction.

If a user believes a post does not follow the recommendations of a Community Guideline, we ask that the user flag the post for further review. Our content team will then re-review the flagged post and decide whether we think the challenged content should be considered "Prohibited Content" under the Terms of Use. If we agree with the user who flagged the post, we will remove the content.

We ask our users to understand that we apply the same standard of review for all content (irrespective of whether or not the content concerns an employer client of Glassdoor). Ultimately, content decisions are within our sole discretion and we do not negotiate about our application of a Guideline to our final decision as to whether or not a piece of content warrants removal.

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