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ATS Partner Greenhouse

Updated 30 March, 2020

We integrate well with Greenhouse and index jobs through our Greenhouse Master Feed. All you need to do is opt into the feed by navigating to Job Setup > Job Posts > Edit. Make sure Glassdoor is checked.


No additional set up is required as tracking is automatically included within our Greenhouse master feed. 
For additional information on tracking, see our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Tracking article. 

API Apply

Greenhouse is eligible to set up API Apply integration. To enable the integration, ask your Site Admin to navigate to the Configure > Job Board and select Edit next to any of your external job boards. Scroll down the page until you see the Glassdoor integration and select Yes.

Note: If all of your jobs are already posted to Glassdoor, then you can skip this next step.

After saving the board settings, verify that any job posts that you would like to send over to Glassdoor are set up correctly by clicking on a job and then navigate to Job Setup > Job Posts > Edit. At the very bottom of the job post, make sure Glassdoor is checked off and a location has been selected.

As part of this integration, a new Job Board API key will be created. This key can be viewed by navigating to Configure > Dev Center > API Credential Management. Be sure you do not revoke access to the API key otherwise candidates applying through the integration will not flow into your account successfully.

Candidate Influence Tracker

Greenhouse is eligible to install our Candidate Influence Tracker.
For additional information, see our Candidate Influence Tracker article. Feel free to reach out to your dedicated account team or you can Contact Us for assistance.


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