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ATS Partner Jobvite

Updated 30 March, 2020
Requirements for pulling your jobs

We integrate well with Jobvite and chances are we already have your jobs within our Jobvite master feed. However, to ensure a quick implementation process, confirm that you have opted your jobs into Glassdoor from your Jobvite portal by following these steps.

  1. Click on the More tab and select Admin.
  1. Scroll to the Requisitions section and click on Settings.
  1. Scroll to the Enable free job distribution section and click the Edit button.


No additional set up is required as tracking is automatically included within our Jobvite master feed. 
For additional information on tracking, see our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Tracking article. 

Candidate Influence Tracker

Jobvite is eligible to install our Candidate Influence Tracker. 
For additional information, see our Candidate Influence Tracker article. Feel free to reach out to your dedicated account team or you can Contact Us for assistance.


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