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ATS Partner Taleo Enteprise

Updated 30 March, 2020
Requirements for pulling your jobs

We integrate well with Taleo Enterprise. In order for us to pull your jobs onto our site, provide us with the URL address to your careers page. Our team will work to get your jobs up and running as soon as you have submitted the necessary information.


Taleo Enterprise offers automatic tracking to all of their clients. This will provide your team with a report of how many applicants are coming directly from Glassdoor. In order to set this up, add Glassdoor as a source for tracking and provide us with the associated source code. Note: The source code typically looks similar to JB-12345. You may need to reach out to your ATS representative to have the source code added. 
For additional information on tracking, see our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Tracking article.

Candidate Influence Tracker

Taleo Enterprise is eligible to install our Candidate Influence Tracker.
For additional information, see our Candidate Influence Tracker article. Feel free to reach out to your dedicated account team or you can Contact Us for assistance.


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