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Adding a salary

Updated 27 September, 2018

To add a salary on Glassdoor from the home page:

  • Visit Glassdoor and click Write Review at the top right.

  • ​Choose Salary.
  • Choose Current Job or Former Job.

  • Enter your Job Title.

  • Click Next. 

  • Enter your Salary Details:  

    • Base Pay.
    • Currency.
    • Frequency.
    • Any bonuses, tips, or sales commission.
  • Enter your Job Details:

    • Job Title                                              
    • Years Experience
    • Location
    • Employment Status
    • Employer

      Note: You may click the box that indicates that you do not wish to specify your employer. Keep in mind that salary information is anonymous, however, should you decide to click the box, some additional information is required: 

      • Type of Employer
      • Number of Employees
      • Sector
      • Industry

Note: To maintain data quality and ensure each post is within our Community Guidelines, we review every post before it appears on Glassdoor. This means it may take as long as 24 hours for a member of the Glassdoor team to review and approve your post (and sometimes longer if you posted for a company that is not currently in our system). You may view the status of your salary within your account contributions at any time.

Submit a Salary

For information on how to edit a salary you have already submitted, please read our article "Edit or delete my contribution."

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