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Affiliated and Nested Profiles FAQs

Updated 30 September, 2019
We have two product updates that will make "telling your brand story" on Glassdoor better than ever. These updates will help you put the right information in front of the right audience to capture their attention. Both products are available to EP Select customers.
  • Affiliated Profiles : Will allow you to group existing profiles of affiliated companies under your parent profile on Glassdoor.
    • Represents your corporate family with a brand new Organization Structure tab.
    • Encourages discovery of your affiliates with visuals and links across pages so job seekers can easily click between profiles. 

  • Nested Profiles : Will allow the ability to segment existing user generated content, brand, and job content by specific divisions recognized by Glassdoor. 
    • Allows you to create segmented profiles underneath your parent company to represent your unique company structure. 
    • Showcases reviews, jobs, and branding features by divisions recognized by Glassdoor for the right audience. 

General Questions
When will Affiliated and Nested Profiles be live?
  • Affiliated Profiles will be live starting the end of September 2019.
  • Nested Profiles will be live starting tentatively March 1st, 2020.
How will Affiliated / Nested Profiles affect my company's ability to receive a Glassdoor award?
(ie. Top CEOs and BPTW)
  • The Nested Profiles will not affect your company's ability to receive a Glassdoor award. The methodology will not change since all awards will still be calculated on a per-profile level.
  • Child profiles still count as under the parent profile so the award will be calculated off the parent profile. 
How can I get set up?
  • You can either work with your CSM to get your Affiliated / Nested Profiles set up or you can manage it yourself in the Employer Center.
  • Affiliated / Nested Profile features will not automatically be on your profile when you purchase EP Select, they will need to be manually set up.
How can I set up Affiliated / Nested Profiles myself in the Employer Center?
  • Affiliated Profiles is now available for all EP Select customers. Here's how you can get started:
  1. Log in to your Employer Center and click on the Employer Profile card.
  1. Under the Company Info tab, click the drop-down menu and select Organization Structure.
  2. Write a description that best tells the story of your corporate structure so job seekers can get a better understanding of all you have to offer.  (See circle A below.)
  3. Choose which affiliated profiles you would like to link under your company. The order in which you rank them will determine how much visibility they will get across all the affiliated profile features. (See circle B below.)
  1. Once you're ready to publish this on the Glassdoor site, slide the toggle button from Off to On
  • Nested Profiles will be available in early 2020; more details to come. 

What can I customize or manage for Affiliated / Nested Profiles in the Employer Center?
  • Affiliated Profiles:
    • You can link or unlink the Affiliated Profiles that should be linked to a parent profile. A linked Affiliated Profile can have multiple profiles linked under it. 
    • You can provide a text description of your corporate family that's shown on top of the new Organization Structure page on all your affiliated profiles. 
  • Nested Profiles:
    • You are able to create and edit the Nested Profiles you have created from the Glassdoor recognized set of possible profiles. This includes
      • Function name.
      • Function size.
      • Job titles that uniquely identify a function. This can be done by either choosing job categories from our standard list of job categories or by listing keywords that would uniquely identify those job titles.
    • You can manage the following branded content on each Nested Profile.
      • Nested Profiles Overview Description.
      • Featured Review.
      • Why Work for Us.
      • Cover Photo.
    • You can view a rating per Nested Profile.
    • You can toggle whether a Nested Profile is ready to be visible on the consumer site. 

Affiliated Profile Questions

How can I get Affiliated Profiles?
  • Affiliated profiles will be a feature that is included as an upgrade in the EP Select package.
  • Only the parent company needs to purchase this package in order to use this feature and link their affiliated companies. 
Will Affiliated Profiles support multi-level subsidiaries?
  • Yes. An affiliated profile can have another affiliated profile linked under it. 
  • They can also support Nested Profiles if the subsidiary profile purchases EP Select and wants to break out their content (ie. by job function).
If a parent profile purchases Affiliated Profiles, will the product features be shown on non-sponsored Affiliated Profiles as well? 
  • Yes. Even if an Affiliated Profiles is un-sponsored, it will have all the Affiliate Profile features as long as its parent company has purchased EP Select. However, the Affiliated Profiles will not receive any other features of EP Select unless EP Select services are purchased for that profile. 

Nested Profile Questions

How can I get Nested Profiles?
  • Nested Profiles will be available for purchase to all EP Select customers. You can reach out to your customer success manager for more details. 

Is there a limit to how many Nested Profiles I can create?
  • Yes. You can have up to 10 Nested Profiles. 

Will I need to purchase Nested Profiles for each of my LEPs?
  • No. Only the parent company would purchase the Nested Profiles and they would cover all their LEPs. 
    • Example: If a parent company purchases one Nested Profile, all their LEPs would each get one Nested Profile (that they could decide the job function / division for)
What types of Nested Profiles can I create?
  • Employers can create Nested Profiles based on job functions / divisions recognized by Glassdoor. They can select multiple job categories form a list of 200 standard Glassdoor defined job categories that uniquely identify the job functions for that profile. Other types of Nested Profiles will go through an approval process with our Content & Community team. 


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