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Create a Glassdoor user account

Updated 13 February, 2020

As a new user, you get full access to salaries, reviews, benefits and interviews for 10 days. This will give you time to try some of Glassdoor’s great features and even find a job via job alerts, employee ratings of companies, their salaries, and much more! 

Note: You cannot create a new Glassdoor account with an email address that has already been used on Glassdoor. Once an account has been deleted, you may not re-use the same email address or re-activate the account.

To create an account:

  1. Click Sign in at the top right-hand side of the page.
  2. Click Create Account
  3. There are three ways options available.
    1. Sign up with Facebook.
      1. Click Continue with Facebook.
      2. Log in to use your Facebook account with Glassdoor.
    2. Sign in with Google.
      1. Click Sign in with Google.
      2. Log in to user your Google account with Glassdoor.
    3. Sign up with your email address.
      1. Enter your email address.
      2. Enter your password.
      3. Click Sign Up.

To receive unlimited access to our content, simply post an anonymous salary, company review, benefits or interview experience of your own. It only takes a few minutes and your posts are anonymous to all Glassdoor users, including all companies. Unlimited access is granted for 12 months. After that period you may be asked to contribute another salary, review, interview, or benefit review to extend your unlimited access for another 12 months.

Note: Once you create an account, you will be required to activate your account on Glassdoor in order to submit contributions.

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