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Glassdoor Guidelines for Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Updated 16 June, 2018

Glassdoor strives to be the most trusted and transparent place for today's candidates to search for jobs and research companies.

As part of that effort, we strictly enforce our guidelines to ensure Glassdoor users feel confident that when they leave a company and/or interview review on Glassdoor they can do so anonymously and voluntarily.

For example, we strictly enforce a policy against any type of "ballot-box stuffing" to protect both job candidates and companies from potential misinformation. Ballot-box stuffing can occur if a company uses its employees to leave multiple biased reviews in violation of Glassdoor's limit of one review per employee per company per year. Ballot-box stuffing can also occur if a company engages third parties to write biased reviews as if they were employees of the company.

Multi-Level Marketing companies (MLM) present specific and unique circumstances which require Glassdoor to adopt policies that bridge the gap between Glassdoor's community guidelines and terms of use and MLMs' business model. While all general Glassdoor guidelines and terms of use will continue to apply to MLMs, we've adopted policies applicable to all MLMs to ensure the continued integrity of user-generated content on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor MLM Policies:

  • Each employee may only leave one review per year about a single employer in the MLM family of companies. Employees (including trainees, consultants, prospects or any other similar title) working for, or on behalf of, MLM firms may not leave a review for each company they have worked for in the MLM family, nor may they leave a review for more than one company for which they may be receiving a commission check.
  • Employees may not create separate accounts to leave reviews for one company (e.g. employees cannot leave more than one review by creating multiple accounts under different names).  

  • Employees cannot leave reviews on behalf of other employees (e.g. Bob cannot leave a review on behalf of Susan.).

  • When an employee or job candidate leaves a review, it must represent their own unedited opinion, without coercion by the employer. Employees should use their own personal device (whether employer provided or not) to leave a review, and should not use a shared, employer provided device that could be accessed by the employer. At Glassdoor, user anonymity and data integrity is paramount, and we encourage users to report any attempt by employers to coerce employees to leave an unauthentic review. 

  • Employees cannot ask friends, family members or anyone else to write reviews of a company or an interview on their behalf.

  • Employees cannot solicit others to write reviews in exchange for any kind of incentive (e.g. financial rewards or gifts).

Glassdoor MLM Employer-Specific Policies:
  • Employers can ask employees to write a company review on Glassdoor. However employers may not coerce employees to do so by offering any kind of incentive (e.g. financial rewards or gifts). In addition, they cannot ask employees to show them the review, or require employees to write the review from within the office or on shared company equipment.

  • Employers can ask interview candidates to write an interview review on Glassdoor. However they may not coerce job candidates to do so by offering them any kind of incentive (e.g. a job or training opportunity). In addition, they cannot ask candidates to show them the review, or require the candidate to complete the review while in the office during their interview process or later on a shared employer-provided device.

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