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How To Use Audience Targeting

Updated 16 June, 2018

7 Minute Tutorial Video

One size does not fit all when it comes to employer branding. Glassdoor's Audience Targeting allows you to deliver a personalized view of your Enhanced Profile* and Sponsored Jobs to four different audiences based on their occupation, e.g., HR, sales, engineering, etc. Your photos, videos and branded content can change dynamically based on the job seeker researching your company. 

Each new audience view you create starts with a copy of the content from your default profile, so you can turn it on whenever you are ready - no need to worry about an empty page. Once you turn your targeting "On" in the top right corner, targeted candidates will see this new customized content whenever they visit your profile and Sponsored Jobs.

Step 1: Define your Target Audience

  • Choose Admin Tools from the top right section of your profile.
  • Click Manage Target Audiences to select the audience you want to target.

  • To view and edit your company profile for each group, click View as and select a group from the dropdown.

  • Toggle "On" to turn a targeted view on or off, and click the "X" button when you are finished.

How to select your target audience

Step 2: Add a Cover Photo

Make a great first impression on each target audience with a high-quality, custom Cover Photo. Use the gear icon to upload a new image, then adjust the zoom and recenter as needed.

Cover Photo Dimensions

Step 3: Add a Feature Video

Bring your profile to life by adding a Featured Video that appeals to each group. Use the Gear icon to upload a specific sales-related image or add a video by pasting in the URL of the YouTube video.

Featured Video Details

Step 4: Edit Your Why Work For Us section

Tell your story in a way that resonates powerfully with each target audience. Customize your existing "Why Work For Us" content or create new custom tabs only your targeted audiences will see. Select a template and add text and a compelling image or video for best results.

Learn more about building your Why Work For Us Section

Step 5: Feature a relevant review

Make sure the first review you audiences see is from someone they can identify with. Head to the Reviews tab and filter by job title to quickly find a review you would like to feature for each group. Select Feature this Review to ensure that it always appears at the top of their list.

Featured Review Details

*Note Audience Targeting is only available on Select Profiles.

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