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Love Mondays integrated with Glassdoor. Now what?

Updated 22 October, 2019

In June 2019, Love Mondays integrated with its parent company, Glassdoor. Love Mondays is now operating as part of the Glassdoor platform and brand. 

If you're trying to access or use Love Mondays, you are now being redirected to Glassdoor. Find some helpful FAQs below.

Love Mondays is now on Glassdoor. Why?

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Love Mondays has integrated with its parent company, Glassdoor. With similar missions—to help people everywhere find a job and company they love—combined with Glassdoor's rising global influence and global expansion efforts, June 2019 was the perfect time to bring Glassdoor to Latin America.

Job seekers still have access to the same helpful company reviews, salary reports and other information, direct from employees, to help them find a job that fits their life. In addition, the integration brings Glassdoor's job search experience to people in Latin America, allowing anyone to search and apply to the latest jobs that meet their preferences while being able to research what it's like to work in a specific job at a particular company.

Employers now have access to more features to help them attract and hire quality talent with even greater ease. Glassdoor delivers quality and informed candidates because it connects employers with millions of job seekers who use our wealth of company insights to find not just any job, but a job they will love.

What will happen to my Love Mondays account? What about content, like a company review, I've shared?

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If you had an account on Love Mondays, we've automatically migrated it to to Glassdoor, which means you now have a Glassdoor account. To access your account, all you have to do is visit Glassdoor, click on Sign In, then click on Forgot Password. By doing so, you'll be able to reset your password and access your account on Glassdoor.

If you shared content on Love Mondays, such as a company review or salary report, we've also automatically merged the content from Love Mondays to Glassdoor. This means that the content you posted to Love Mondays should now appear on Glassdoor.

I'm an employer. What happened with my company profile on Love Mondays?

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As part of this transition, we migrated all content on an employer's company profile on Love Mondays (such as company reviews, salary reports and more) to the employer's company profile on Glassdoor. If you already had an existing company profile on Glassdoor, the content from Love Mondays has been integrated with the existing content on Glassdoor, meaning you have likely seen an increase to the quantity of reviews, salary reports and other content areas.

It's also possible you see your ratings change slightly. Glassdoor calculates ratings differently than how Love Mondays calculated ratings.



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