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OpenCompany Get Reviews

Updated 7 December, 2020

Gathering reviews from employees ensures job seekers are getting current information about your company.

Below are instructions for using your Glassdoor Employer Profile to send an email request for reviews for your company.

  1. Go to the Employer Center.
  2. Click Employer Tools.
  3. Click Request Reviews.
  4. Enter your employees’ email addresses in the To field. Send to distribution list or group of employees. 
  5. Select the Review Type you would like to request.
  6. Enter your email address in the From field.
  7. In the Message field, invite current employees and recent interviewees to provide honest feedback.
  8. Click Preview to review your request.
  9. Click Send.


Can I reward employees for submitting reviews?

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No. You are not allowed to offer any type of incentive in exchange for contributions to Glassdoor. Glassdoor believes in anonymity, so we don't allow employers to ask workers to show confirmation of posting on Glassdoor. For more details, see our Incentivized Reviews article.

How many reviews do I need for OpenCompany?

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When do my reviews expire?

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Once you meet the OpenCompany requirement for Get Reviews, you will have 365 days before you need to get the required number of reviews.

What about reviews contributed after the OpenCompany requirement is met?

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These reviews will count towards next year's OpenCompany requirement.

Do reviews from past employees count towards the OpenCompany requirement?

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No. Reviews must be from current employees in order to count towards OpenCompany status. This means if you have 20 reviews, but 3 of them are from past employees, you will not meet the reviews requirement.



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