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Post a job on Glassdoor

Updated 16 August, 2017

Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing websites to find a job and research companies. Every month, more and more people who are talented and educated fall in love with Glassdoor. Our job is to connect you to these people and ultimately help you make the right hire.

Follow the steps below to post your job for Free on Glassdoor:

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  • Fill in Company and Location of Job. Your Work Email will default to the email that is tied to your account.

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  • Click Start Your Free Trial.


  • Step 1: Enter your Job Details. Click Next: Job Description.

  • Step 2: Enter your Job Description and choose how your candidates apply. Click Next: Select Plan.

  • Step 3: Choose the plan that's right for you and click Start Free Trial.

  • Step 4: Enter your contact information. Click Next: Payment.

  • Step 5: Enter your payment information. Click Complete Purchase.

Post your Job for Free

  • Once you post your job, it will be live on the site within a few hours. We give your job special placements and push it out to all the job seekers we think are qualified. Should they apply, you will receive applications directly in your inbox.
  • Your Single Job Posts stay in circulation for 30 days and can be found under Manage Job Posting.
  • Your Job Slots packages, after your 7-day free trial of either 3 job slots or 10 job slots, remain live for as long as your subscription is active and will be billed on a monthly basis. You can Manage Jobs from Glassdoor Employer.
  • Once your job is live on Glassdoor, you will be able to easily manage your jobs and see real-time data on how many times your jobs are served up to job seekers, viewed and applied to.


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