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Unsubscribe from Glassdoor emails

Updated 18 September, 2017

How to unsubscribe from all Glassdoor emails

To unsubscribe from all Glassdoor emails, updates, notifications and job alerts:

  • Click the Glassdoor profile icon. 

  • Click Email & Alerts in the drop down menu

  • Scroll to the Global Email Settings section at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Unsubscribe All.

  •  A box will pop up to confirm your choice – select Unsubscribe to complete the request or Cancel to return to your settings.

How to customize your email settings
To customize your email settings instead of unsubscribing: 

  • You may customize the below email alerts:

    • Updates and News
    • Job Alerts
    • Know Your Worth and Salary Updates​
    • Company Alerts
    • Notifications
    • Personalized Job Interview Prep
  •  You may turn each section on or off by clicking the green slider button. If the green slider button is not available, scroll to the bottom and double check that you have not globally unsubscribed. If the button at the bottom says "Subscribe All", you will need to click it before you can manage your emails.

Note: Clicking to the left of the circle will change the button to white, signifying that you are now unsubscribed from receiving these emails.

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  • Choose which emails you would like to receive in each section by clicking the check boxes next to each option.

  • After customizing your settings, your selections will automatically save and can be modified at any time.

Job alerts and company highlights can be further customized by frequency:

  • Click the pencil edit button at the lower right corner.

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  • Click the bubble to choose Daily or Weekly, then click Save.

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Manage your email settings on Glassdoor

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