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Update my Employer Profile

Updated 30 August, 2019

To update an Employer Profile on Glassdoor, you will need to have a Free Employer account. With this account you will have the ability to update your Employer Profile, respond to reviews, and view your company metrics.

Note: In general we approve individuals in HR, marketing, operations and executive positions for an account. Branch offices and franchise locations must have corporate approval for an account. In some cases we may request more information from others in your organization for approval.


Update your Basic Info

  • Once you have been approved for your Free Employer Account, please sign in to Glassdoor.
  • Go to Employer Center.
  • Click Employer Profile.
  • Under the Company Info tab, select Details and complete Basic Info section, such as website and headquarters, your Affiliated Companies, your Competitors, Stock Symbol and Company Leader.
  • Under the Company Info tab, select Logo & Photos to upload these items.
Note: A Cover Image is only available on an Enhanced Employer Profile.
  • Click Company Story tab to complete Company Description and Company Mission.

For our latest tips and best practices on managing an Employer Profile, please download our eBooks and datasheets, watch our videos or get more information about how Glassdoor works.

Note: If you need to make other changes to your Employer Profile, such as a name change, rebrand, or merging or retiring profiles on the site, please contact us. Larger profile change requests such as these must be verified by our team for accuracy and to ensure they meet our internal guidelines for profile changes. These changes can take up to one week to fully complete.


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