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What are Easy Apply jobs?

Updated 1 October, 2019

What are Easy Apply jobs?

  • Easy Apply jobs are applications hosted directly on Glassdoor. You can apply directly on Glassdoor and your application will be submitted to the employer without ever having to leave the Glassdoor site.
    • This streamlines your job search and application experience.
  • Easy Apply jobs are notated by the "Easy Apply" label on the job listing.

How do I apply to an Easy Apply job?

  • You can apply to an Easy Apply job by following the steps outlined on our How to apply to jobs article.

What are the benefits of applying to an Easy Apply job?

  • Easy Apply reduces the barriers encountered during the application process by making it friendly and streamlined to apply to jobs that fit your life. Some examples of how this works below:
    • Once you're logged in and have uploaded your profile information and resume, Glassdoor fills this information automatically for you for each Easy Apply.
      • You no longer have to upload the same resume or enter your name and email address multiple times.
    • Easy Apply is completed directly on Glassdoor without the need to leave the site.
      • You can do your job search, company research, and application all on the same page.


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