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What are Salary Estimates in Job Listings?

Updated 8 April, 2021

To better match the right people with the right companies, Glassdoor includes salary estimates in job listings. Below are some frequently asked questions related to Glassdoor salary estimates for job seekers and employers.


Why are you showing salary estimates in job listings?

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  • For employers: Salary estimates in job listings help employers recruit and hire by driving greater interest to your jobs and reducing time in the recruitment and interview process by ensuring only informed candidates with the right expectations apply. 
    • Glassdoor candidates are 50% more likely to be hired, versus the leading job site (based on data from over 390m job applications through one of the world's leading ATS between July 2019 - Jan 2020).
    • Hires who use Glassdoor have a greater retention rate. (A 15% higher retention rate compared to non-Glassdoor users, over a 4-year average. Glassdoor Research, December 2019.)
  • For job seekers: Including salary information in job listings provides job seekers with the added pay information they’ve been asking for, and helps surface jobs where pay realities meet pay expectations.
    • In fact, details on salary/compensation packages are the number one piece of information that Glassdoor users want employers to provide when evaluating a job or employer. (Glassdoor Site Survey, November 2019).
    • Among those surveyed, 8 in 10 (82%) Glassdoor users say salary and compensation package is among their biggest considerations before accepting a job. (Glassdoor Site Survey, August 2018)

I am the employer for a job listing and the salary estimate is off. Can I update the estimate?

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I am the employer for a job listing in which there is no salary range displayed. Can I add a salary range to this job listing?

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I have multiple roles with the same title and location, can I have different salary estimates for each?

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  • At this time we only distinguish salaries at the job title level for each location and do not distinguish at the top job listing level. For example, if you have four open listings for a Senior Account Manager in San Francisco, CA, all jobs will have the same salary range.
  • Employers will see the full list of roles that will be impacted by an update before confirming the edit.

I am the employer and we did not give Glassdoor permission to include salary information in our job listings and/or job alerts. Please remove it.

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  • At Glassdoor, our goal is to help match the right people with the right employers by leveraging workplace transparency, including offering more information around pay to help ensure pay expectations meet pay realities. We are also committed to treating all employers equally, regardless of paid or unpaid relationships with Glassdoor. As such, we do not remove salary estimates from an Employer's job listings on Glassdoor.
  • Salary ranges can be added or updated to reflect more reliable salary ranges that you, the employer, would like displayed. To update a salary, create a Free Employer Account or sign in to your Employer Center. Next, click on the Jobs tab, and then All Jobs to find the job and salary you'd like to edit.
    • Salary ranges on jobs that employers add or update will be reflected within one business day. If salary ranges are not updated or you encounter a problem, contact our salaries team.

Can I update salary ranges of third-party jobs?

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Third-party job board jobs are not visible in the Employer Center and therefore employers are not able to update salary estimates on those jobs. In these situations, follow the below process:
  1. Contact our Salary Estimates team to let them know you'd like to provide salary ranges to update the ranges currently displayed on your job listings (expect 2-3 business days for a response).
  2. Our Salary Estimates team will provide forms for you to fill out regarding what salary ranges are off, and what the correct ranges should be. Feel free to fill out only the jobs you need to adjust - no need to fill out every single job in the sheet.
  3. Our Salary Estimates team will review the information and if there are no questions, our team will update your job listings to display the salary ranges you provide. This process can take up to seven business days.

What are the different types of salary estimates?

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  • When employers provide salary information, Glassdoor displays "Employer Est." on job listings. 
  • When employers do not provide salary information Glassdoor displays "Glassdoor Est." on job listings. Glassdoor Estimated Salaries are not endorsed by employers and actual compensation may vary. 

I am an employer and understand that I can add or update salary ranges on my job listings. Can I do the same thing to update salary information on my salaries page?

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  • While we are currently accepting employer-provided salary ranges to display on job listings, this does not apply to salary information on company profile pages. However, our product team is exploring possibilities to better incorporate this type of feedback on company profile pages.
  • The best way to improve the accuracy of salary information on your company profile pages is to encourage your employees to contribute a salary report. The more information we have from employees about salaries, the more reliable the salary information becomes over time. See our What Salary Information is on Glassdoor? article for more information.

How are salary estimates calculated?

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  • Salary estimates are generated by Glassdoor using salary data from millions of employees and third-party sources using patent-pending machine learning algorithms. Salary estimates factor in recent user-generated salary reports for similar job titles at the company, its competitors, and other employers for a specific location.
  • Glassdoor also wants to remind you that salary estimates are estimates. They do not represent guarantees of actual salaries and they are not necessarily endorsed by the employers. The purpose of salary estimates is to use predictive data science to provide job seekers a likely salary range so they can make more informed job decisions, and help employers recruit informed and quality candidates. For this reason, Glassdoor does not guarantee the accuracy of estimates. We encourage job seekers to supplement Glassdoor’s salary estimates with other research to help them make the most informed job decision possible.

What is the minimum annual salary that I can add as a salary estimate on my job postings?

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The minimum annual salary that can be listed on Glassdoor's job postings is USD$15,000.00, CA$15,000,000 or GBP £15,000,00. We understand that organizations may offer part-time positions that pay less than this amount per year. However, Glassdoor's salary product is currently built based on full-time annual salaries. Note that our Product Team is consistently working to improve our Glassdoor salary estimate product. Employers may have the ability in the future to add their part-time salaries to their job postings. In the meantime, Glassdoor does offer the ability to add hourly pay ranges which can help clarify pay to job seekers. We recommend discussing part-time salaries within the job descriptions to give job seekers a better idea of the salary offered.

What is being shown exactly in a salary estimate?

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Salary estimates in job listings display a range for annual base or hourly pay and are specific to job title, company, and location. They do not factor in variable compensation, such as bonuses, commissions, tips, stock, benefits, or other components. They also do not factor in years of experience. At this time, salary estimates are included in some job listings on Glassdoor for annual salaried jobs and hourly pay jobs but are not included for jobs in which pay is primarily commission-based. In some cases, salary estimates are displayed on jobs in which a portion of the pay is commission-based.

Are salary estimates in job listings completely accurate?

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No. Salary estimates are estimates, derived from patent-pending machine learning algorithms. At this time, the median error (as measured by the difference between an estimated base salary and a user-generated salary for a comparable role) of our base salary estimates is about 19% in the UK, 18% in Canada, and 13% in the U.S.

Why are there salary estimates in some job listings, but not all?

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  • Salary estimates are calculated in more than half of online job listings found on Glassdoor in the U.S.
  • In March 2020, we introduced salary estimates to almost half of job listings in Canada and the United Kingdom. 
  • In early 2021, we expanded our coverage of salary estimates in job listings to India, AU, NZ, IE, SG, and HK.
  • In the future, we hope to increase our coverage of salary estimates in job listings, to additional international markets. 
  • If a salary estimate is not provided on a job listing found on Glassdoor in the U.S., Canada, UK, India, AU, NZ, IE, SG, or HK it means there is not enough data available for our proprietary algorithm to calculate a reliable salary estimate. But, as more data becomes available, a salary estimate may appear in that job listing at a later date. 
  • Employers may update jobs without a salary estimate. To update a salary estimate:
    1. Sign in to the Employer Center.
    2. Click on Jobs.
    3. Click Add Salary.
    4. All changes will be reflected within one business day. 
  • Note: Only jobs with + Add Salary will allow a salary to be added.

How old is the salary data that Glassdoor uses for salary estimates?

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We generate salary estimates using salary data from millions of current and former employees, applying emphasis on salaries submitted over the past two years. The algorithm takes into account inflation trends to provide the most helpful and reliable salary estimates possible.



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