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Employer Center tabs overview

Updated 16 June, 2018

The Glassdoor Employer Center is available exclusively to Free Employer Account (FEA) and Enhanced Profile (EP) Account holders. It provides you access to update your company profile, including your company overview, benefits offered, logo and more.
Additionally, a Free Employer Account gives you the ability to see basic analytics about who is visiting your profile, as well as rating trends. 


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How to access your Glassdoor Employer Center

There are three different ways you can access your Glassdoor Employer Center.

1. Access your Employer Center from Glassdoor for Employers:

2. Access your Employer Center from Glassdoor:

  • Sign in to Glassdoor and click For Employers located at the top right of the page.

  • Click Go to Employer Center in the drop down menu.

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3. Access your Employer Center from your company's profile page on Glassdoor.

  • Click the Go to Employer Center link on your company’s profile.


Employer Center Tabs Overview

The main Employer Center tabs are located on the left side of the screen.  The tabs shown here will differ depending on if you have a Free Employer Account versus an Enhanced Profile.

  • Dashboard

The Dashboard tab is your landing page.  Relevant information on this page includes: profile page views, company & CEO ratings, company update impressions and OpenCompany status. EP's will also be able to view multiple stats on their Job performance, including budget.

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  • Employer Branding

The Employer Branding tab provides multiple profile editing options.

Basic Info

  • Company Details: Edit basic profile information such as employee count, affiliated companies, company overview, CEO information, stock tickers and more.

  • Logo & Cover ImageCover Image only appears for EP's. FEA holders will see Logo only.

  • About Your Company: Add or edit your Company Mission or Company Description.

Branded Content

  • Why Work for Us: Tabbed showcase of your company with videos and photos that appear on your profile page.

  • Benefits: Verify your company's benefits and give a brief description.  Select pledges and certifications your company provides.  EP's can also add videos and an overview section.

  • Awards: Add awards your company has received to showcase them on your profile.

  • Photos: Add Employer Photos to showcase your work environment.

  • Social Media & Video: Add social media badges, pull news about your company from a specified source (company blog, news feed, YouTube, etc.).

  • Company Updates: Share company news and updates with text, photos and URLs.

Profile Marketing

  • Targeted Companies: Select which company profiles you would like your employer branding and job postings to appear on.

Free Employer Tools

  • OpenCompany: Highlight your transparency to job seekers and achieve OpenCompany status by completing 5 requirements.

  • Badges: Place a Glassdoor social badge on your company's website to promote your profile.


  • Jobs & Recruiting​

​The Jobs & Recruiting tab provides detailed information about your job postings.

Jobs Management

  • Campaign Summary: Detailed information about the jobs you've posted on Glassdoor.

  • All jobs: Information about all jobs on Glassdoor, sponsored or retrieved from a third party site.

  • Candidate Activity: Provides information on how many times a candidate has clicked on your job postings and which job postings are most popular.  Also provides insights about which job postings job seekers are clicking on from other companies.

Jobs Performance

  • By Day: Provides detailed information about job postings, such as how many applies, cost, views of a job opening and impressions.
  • By Job Title: Provides analysis of job openings based on job titles.

  • Review Management

The Review Management tab lists content and provides the opportunity to export reviews to an excel worksheet (this feature is only for users with an Enhanced Profile). You can also flag, set a featured review or respond to content within each tab. Note: Featured Reviews are only available for Glassdoor clients who have purchased an Enhanced Profile.

  • Employee Reviews: Employee reviews for your company. Navigate here to flag or respond to reviews. You may also export to Excel here.

  • Interview Reviews: Interview Reviews for your company. Navigate here to flag or respond to interviews. You may also export to Excel here.

  • Request More Reviews: Provides tools and templates to assist you in gathering additional reviews for your company.


  • Analytics
The Analytics tab provides detailed information and trends about your profile and competitors.  A majority of these tabs are only available to our clients.

  • Employer Profile Activity shows page views for your profile. Enhanced Profiles will be able to compare their page views to other companies.

  • Candidate Demographics: breakdown of candidates visiting your profile based on demographics.

  • Company Update Analytics: provides information on how well your company updates are perceived based on followers, company views and engagement with the company updates.

Review Trends

  • Rating Trends: Shows the Rating Trends on your profile.

  • Interview Trends: Shows the Interview Trends on your profile.

Reviews Breakdown

  • Ratings by Location: Provides a side by side comparison of all your company locations, and a breakdown of ratings based on location.

  • Ratings by Job Title: Provides a side by side comparison of job titles and a breakdown of ratings based on job title.

  • Keywords: Shows word clouds for review pros and cons and interviews.

Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor Comparison: Compares your ratings based against your competitor's ratings.

  • Custom Reporting: Where your custom reports are available.

  • Settings

The Settings tab provides information about your employer profile and email settings. Additionally, here you will find a list of other users with access to your company's profile.

Profile Settings

  • Users & Roles: List of employees who have access to the company's profile, and their role within the Employer Center.  Employers with Administrator roles will be able to edit or remove other employer accounts.

  • Account Activity: Displays recent activity by Employer Representatives for the Company Profile.

User Settings

  • User Account Info: This provides your personal FEA information and the option to edit this information.  You will be able to view/edit name, job title, email address and password resets.

  • Email Preferences: Allows you to edit your preferred email address for Employer Center emails along with email subscription options.  Only EP holders will be able to receive emails daily or as content is added.
  • Grant Co-Workers Access

Utilizing this option will send an invitation to a specified employee which will automatically grant them access to the profile through a Free Employer Account. This account will not go through Glassdoor's traditional approval process, but will be created automatically based on the settings you choose.


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