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Employer Center tabs overview

Updated 8 October, 2020

The Glassdoor Employer Center is available exclusively to Free Employer Account (FEA) and Enhanced Profile (EP) Account holders. It provides you access to update your company profile, including your company overview, benefits offered, logo, and more.
Additionally, a Free Employer Account gives you the ability to see basic analytics about who is visiting your profile, as well as rating trends. 

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How to access your Glassdoor Employer Center:

There are three different ways you can access your Glassdoor Employer Center.

  1. Access your Employer Center from Glassdoor for Employers:
    1. Sign in to Glassdoor for Employers and click Employer Center, located at the top right-hand side of the page.
  2. Access your Employer Center from Glassdoor:
    1. Sign in to Glassdoor and hover over For Employers tab, located at the top right-hand side of the page.
    2. Click Go to Employer Center option, in the drop-down menu.
  3. Access your Employer Center from your company's profile page on Glassdoor.
    1. Click Go to Employer Center, at the top right-hand side of the page.

Employer Center Tabs Overview

The Employer Center tabs are located on the left-hand side of the screen. The tabs included will differ depending on if you have upgraded to an Enhanced Profile or if you are using our free suite of tools.

  • The Home tab is your landing page and includes buttons to all other Employer Center tabs. Relevant information on this page includes profile page views, company ratings, and new reviews count. Enhanced Profiles will also be able to view multiple statistics related to job post-performance, including budget.
  • The Jobs tab provides detailed information about your job postings. Plus this tab includes access to all of the tools needed to view, edit, and manage the jobs you post on to Glassdoor.
    • All Jobs: Information about all jobs on Glassdoor, sponsored or retrieved from a third party site. 
    • Job Slots: Auto-sponsor will automatically fill any empty job slots when we get an update from your ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Jobs with the most recent post date will be selected first.
    • Job Ads: Detailed information about your job campaigns and candidate funnel
    • Analytics: Access available to analytics related to your job postings.
      • Jobs Performance by Day: Provides detailed information about job postings, such as how many applies, cost, views of a job opening, and impressions.
      • Jobs Performance by Title: Provides analysis of job openings based on job titles.
  • Use the Candidates tab to review your job post candidates and track where they are in your hiring process.
  • Rate candidates based on their qualifications.
  • Share notes on applications with members of your team.
Employer Profile
  • The Employer Profile tab provides multiple profile editing options.
    • Company Info: Introduce yourself to job seekers. Information you might want to include: when and why your business was founded, how much you've grown
    • Details: Edit basic profile information such as total employees, affiliated companies, CEO information, stock ticker, and more.
    • Logos and PhotosCover Photo only appears for Enhanced Profiles. If you are using our free suite of tools, you will see Logo only. Add Employer Photos to showcase your work environment.
    • Benefits: Verify your company's benefits and give a brief description of each. You can also give a brief summary of your overall benefits package in the Benefits Summary field (2,500 characters max). Also, select pledges and certifications your company provides.
    • Awards: Add awards your company has received to showcase them on your profile.
    • Social Media & Video: Available on Enhanced Profiles, add social media badges, pull news about your company from a specified source (company blog, news feed, YouTube, etc.).
    • Company Story: Under Details, add or edit your Company Description (1,000 characters max) and Company Mission (500 characters max). On Enhanced Profiles, create a Why Work With Us (1,500 characters max) tabbed showcase with photos and videos highlighting what makes your company a great place to work. Toggle to the Diversity & Inclusion tab to highlight Employer Diversity Initiatives and Programs and share Workforce Diversity Goals publicly on your Glassdoor profile. 
    • Organization Structure: Put the right information in front of the right audience to capture their attention by showcasing Affiliated Profiles (Sister Companies and Subsidiaries) and/or Nested Profiles (Company Divisions like your company's Engineering Division, or Sales Division). 
    • Competitor Profiles: On Enhanced Profiles, select similar companies whose talent you would like to target. Your employer brand and open positions will be seen on these company profiles.
    • Company Updates: Share company news and updates with text (1,100 characters max) and URLs.  Enhanced Profiles may also add a photo to Company Updates and create Targeted Company Updates.
Community Reviews
  • The Community Reviews tab includes content and provides the opportunity to export reviews to an Excel worksheet. You can also flag, set a featured review, or respond to content within each tab.
  • Note: Export reviews and Featured Reviews are only available on an Enhanced Profile.
    • Employee Reviews: Navigate here to flag or respond to Reviews. You may also Feature a Review or export all Reviews to Excel.
    • Interview Reviews: Navigate here to flag or respond to Interviews. You may also Feature an Interview or export all Interviews to Excel.
    • Request More Reviews: Provides tools and templates to assist you in gathering additional Reviews for your company. If you choose to use the Custom Message field to type your own message to employees there is a 1,000 character max.
    • Community Photos: Sort Photos provided by our community.
  • The Analytics tab provides detailed information and trends about your profile and competitors. A majority of these tabs are only available on Enhanced Profiles.
    • Overview: Access all the available analytics related to your content, profile visits, and job postings.
    • Community Reviews: Analytics specific to content ratings.
    • Rating Trends: Includes analytics related to Review ratings such as CEO Approval, Work/Life Balance, and Positive Business Outlook.
    • Interview Trends: Includes analytics related to all Interview ratings such as Positive Experience, Interview Difficulty, and Offer Outcome.
    • Ratings by Location: Breakdown of your Review Ratings by location.
    • Ratings by Job Title: Breakdown of your Review Ratings by job category and further by job title.
    • Competitor Comparison: Comparison analytics related to all of your Reviews and Interviews and up to three competitors of your choice.
    • Keywords: Word clouds representing Review pros and cons plus Interview highlights or employee content and sentiments.
    • Employer Profile: Analytics available to your profile visits.
    • Employer Profile Activity: Includes analytics related to the number of page views or your profile.  Enhanced Profiles will be able to compare their page views to other companies.
    • Candidate Demographics: Breakdown of candidate demographics such as level of education and years of experience.
    • Company Update Analytics: Includes analytics related to how well your Company Updates are perceived based on Followers, page views, and engagement with your Company Updates.
    • Jobs: Access available analytics related to your job postings.
    • Jobs Performance by Day: Provides detailed information about job postings, such as how many applies, cost, views of a job posting, and impressions.
    • Jobs Performance by Title: Provides analysis of job openings based on job titles.
    • Custom Reports: Reports to help you understand the state of the market.
Employer Tools
  • Learn best practices for recruiting on Glassdoor.
    • OpenCompany: Highlight your transparency to job seekers and achieve OpenCompany status by completing 5 requirements.
    • Badges: Place a Glassdoor social badge on your company's website to promote your profile.
    • Candidate Appeal: Steps to increase candidate appeal to improve the effectiveness of your posted jobs.
  • The Settings tab provides information about your employer profile and email settings. Additionally, here you will find a list of other users with access to your company's Employer Center.
    • Email Preferences: Allows you to edit your preferred email address for Employer Center emails along with email subscription options. Only Enhanced Profiles will have the ability to receive subscription emails daily or as content is added frequencies.
    • Manage Users: List of employees who have access to your company's Employer Center, and their level of access role. Employers with Administrator roles will be able to edit or remove other employer accounts. Additionally, use the Invite Co-Workers button to send an invitation to a specified employee, which will automatically grant them access to your Employer Center through a Free Employer Account. This account will not go through Glassdoor's traditional approval process but will be created automatically based on the settings you choose.
    • Manage Profiles: On Enhanced Profiles, you can localize your profile for different languages or countries.
    • Quick Links: Allows you to bookmark frequently accessed pages within your Employer Center.
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