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What Salary Information is on Glassdoor?

Updated 19 February, 2020

On Glassdoor, we believe more information, like salary transparency, will help people make more informed decisions on where they go to work, including better decisions around pay and compensation.

We currently offer a few different types of salary information on Glassdoor.

  • Salary reports from employees on company pages: On a company's salary pages, you can see what employees report earning for a specific job at a particular company.
    • These are user generated (aka provided by current or previous employees).
  • Salary estimates on company pages: On a company's salary pages, when there is not enough information from employees to give reliable salary information, we leverage our salary estimate predictive tool to produce a salary estimate. See FAQ's below for more information.
  • Pay ranges on open jobs: Glassdoor displays pay ranges on open jobs that are provided by the employer or derived from our predictive salary estimates tool. See our What are Salary Estimates in Job Listings? article for more information.


What are salary estimates on a company's salary pages?

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We know that salary is among job seekers’ top considerations when considering a job, so we want to provide even more salary information to help people find a job and company they love—helping them ensure they’re earning fair market value for their role where they live is one piece of this.

Glassdoor is leveraging its vast user-generated salary database and proprietary predictive algorithms to generate estimated salaries for select jobs within a company's Salaries page when there is no user-provided salary report. Salary estimates use a statistical method that takes into account current and recent job listings over the past year, as well as user-generated salary reports for similar job titles at the company, its competitors and other employers within the local market. The model also takes into account inflation trends. Salary estimates on company pages relate to base pay and are specific to job title, company, and location.

In the minority of cases in which our salary estimates model does not have sufficient information to provide a base salary estimate (i.e., a very niche job title in which we do not have enough related salary data), no estimate will be shown. See our What are Salary Estimates in Job Listings? article for more information.

There are currently three ways salary data may be displayed on company pages.

  • When a job title has three or more salary reports from employees, the average salary is displayed.
  • When a job title has one or two salary reports from employees, a salary range is displayed in order to protect anonymity.
  • In cases where we have no salary information from employees for a specific job title, this is indicated under the Salaries tab on a company profile page.

How reliable are the estimated salaries?

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Salary estimates present the median (middle 50%) salary range for that role is expected to be specific to job title, employer and location. For example, if a certain job pays $50K per year, salary estimates highlight that 50% of people are likely to make in the range of $45K to $55K per year. The median error (as measured by the difference between an estimated salary and a user-generated salary) of our salary estimates is about 13%. Also, to provide a reliable salary estimate, our statistical methods utilize user-generated salary reports for similar job titles, in the same location, and look at similar employer attributes (i.e. employee size, industry).

How old is the salary data that Glassdoor uses for the estimates? How often are estimates updated?

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While we take inflation trends into account, we use salary data from current employees and/or former employees that worked at other companies in similar locations and industries all within the past 24 months.

Salary estimates within a company's salaries page are updated monthly. However, should a user-generated salary report be published where a salary estimate appears, the salary estimate will be replaced by that user-generated salary report.

Your estimates are not accurate. As an Employer, what can I do?

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To help improve the accuracy of the salary information on Glassdoor, ask your employees to anonymously share their salaries on our site. As more job-specific salary information is shared by employees, it will auto-populate and replace salary estimates within a company's Salaries page with a salary range or average based on the salary reports shared by employees.

If you believe a salary report or salary range is inaccurate, Contact Us and include the following:

  • The job title
  • The salary of the job title in question
  • A direct link to the salary on Glassdoor
  • Any other relevant information you may have
The more information we receive from you, the more efficient we can help. 

Can I turn these estimates off on my company page?

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No, we can't turn off estimates. 

What do the confidence badges indicate that I see alongside salary information?

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In an effort to give even more transparency into how salary information is derived on Glassdoor, we publish confidence levels on our salary pages to let you know where pay data may be more reliable. 

Specifically, next to salary information shared by employees, you will see one of the three confidence levels:

  • Very high confidence: This data is based on a large number of recent salary reports.
  • High confidence: This data is base don some recent salary reports, and/or some older reports that may be several years old and have been adjusted for inflation.
  • Low confidence: The data we have available is an estimate based on a small number of recent salary reports, and/or the reports we have are several years old. 

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