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Creating Job Alerts

Updated 16 June, 2018

Job Alerts on Glassdoor notify users of current job opportunities that they may be interested in. Users can create Job Alerts through the Email & Alerts section of their account, or or by searching with job titles, keywords, company names, and locations.

Note: Users may create a maximum of 10 (ten) job alerts per day.
Follow the steps below to create a Job Alert from your account:

  • Click Create new alert. 

User-added image  

  • Enter the following information:

    • Job Title or Keyword

    • Location

  • Choose desired frequency (daily or weekly) to receive alerts.

  • Click Save.

  • Feel free to add additional job alerts by clicking Create new alert again.


Follow the steps below to create a Job Alert through a job search:

  • Navigate to the Glassdoor home page.

  • In the search bar, enter your Job Title, Keywords, or Company.

  • Enter the Location to narrow your job search.​

  • Click Search.

  • Click Create Job Alert on the right hand side of the search results.

Please view our Help Center article "Edit or delete job alerts" for additional information on managing your job alerts.

Create or manage your job alerts now.

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