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Glassdoor Alerts

Updated 28 January, 2020

Glassdoor's mission is to be a trusted and transparent platform that helps people everywhere to find a job and company they love.

In the rare instances when we see particularly aggressive attempts by employers or others to influence or manipulate the integrity of reviews, we will post a Glassdoor Alert on the profile and review pages of an employer. Examples include:

  • Employer Takes Legal Action: An employer has taken legal action against reviewers and/or Glassdoor for the reviews that have appeared on its profile.
    • For example: We may assign a Glassdoor Alert to an employer profile and review pages if the employer launches a legal action or challenge that we consider to be particularly contentious or ill-founded or primarily intended to suppress the anonymous free speech rights and authentic opinions of our users. Glassdoor may remove the Glassdoor Alert from the employer profile if it suspends ongoing litigation against our users and/or Glassdoor.
  • Inflated Reviews: We have evidence that an employer or someone acting on an employer's behalf has taken steps to artificially inflate the rating of an employer with positive reviews posted in violation of our Community Guidelines.
    • For example: We may assign a Glassdoor Alert to an employer profile and review pages if we see that someone has taken steps to post positive reviews in violation of our "one review per user per company per year" or "no incentivization or coercion" policies. We may remove the Glassdoor Alert from the employer profile once we are reasonably certain that this activity has come to an end.

Here are answers to common questions about Glassdoor Alerts:

  1. How does Glassdoor determine if an employer's litigation actions were worth flagging
    1. Glassdoor regularly fights on our users' behalf to protect their anonymous free speech rights. These rights include sharing opinions online about their workplace experience without fear of retaliation or retribution. When employers use litigation in a particularly aggressive attempt to suppress free speech rights, we may inform our users about that employer's actions. 
  2. When does Glassdoor determine that an employer's artificial positive reviews merit badging?
    1. We believe only authentic reviews by employees and former employees should contribute to an employer's ratings on Glassdoor. When we find evidence of willful violations of our Community Guidelines by employers or someone acting on the employer's behalf to attempt to inflate company ratings by manipulating reviews, we choose to tell our users about what we've found in addition to removing those misleading reviews. We do this so our users will know that the employer tried to undermine our ratings system. 
  3. Are there other actions that were considered and may be added in the future?
    1. We are continuously assessing other potentially questionable behaviors by employers to determine whether those behaviors warrant an alert.
  4. How is Glassdoor ensuring consistency in the application of Glassdoor Alerts?
    1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We have developed a comprehensive Glassdoor Alerts policy to evaluate when an employer should receive an alert on their profile and the circumstances around when an alert should be removed.​​​​​​​

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