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Updated 11 December, 2020

How Ratings are Calculated

Company ratings on Glassdoor are determined by recent employee feedback. Glassdoor calculates company ratings using a proprietary ratings algorithm, with an emphasis on recency of reviews. Generally, the more recent the review, the heavier its weight towards the overall rating on Glassdoor. This approach gives job seekers and employers what they've asked for - the freshest perspective on what it’s really like to work inside any company, according to employees.

Glassdoor ratings are located on the Overview and Reviews tabs of a company profile, Company Search and job seeker emails. 

Default Ratings

Typically, the rating you see on a company profile is the overall rating of all approved reviews that company has ever received after applying our proprietary algorithm, which among other factors more heavily weights recent reviews over older ones. It typically takes 7 business days for a rating to be updated after an employee leaves a review. 

There can be exceptions to this. For example, if an employer has more than 15 approved reviews from Full-Time and Part-Time employees, we pre-filter to only show reviews from these Job Types. We take this approach because, in the majority of cases, this better reflects the opinions of those who work at an employer and can provide the most comprehensive feedback, rather than more temporary employees. Additionally, some employers have a Local Employer Profile (LEP), which means that if you are viewing their page on our US site (glassdoor.com), we default to show you the reviews - and therefore, the associated ratings - from employees in the United States. If instead you looked at that same company from another domain (such as glassdoor.de, the German domain, or glassdoor.com.br, the Brazilian domain) you'd see the ratings associated with reviews by users in those countries. If a company does not have a Local Employer Profile (LEP), our default is to show all reviews Worldwide. 

You can always change your filters to include different countries (including Worldwide) or views from different Job Types or Job Functions (where supported). You may also use the search bar to restrict your results to a specific Job Title. We always update the ratings you see to reflect those filters you have selected, or searches you have made, and to give you the data that best matches your stated preferences. 

Local Language

Beginning in October 2019, we began displaying reviews only in the default language of the country we associate with the domain. For instance, on glassdoor.com (US), glassdoor.co.uk (United Kingdom) and glassdoor.ca (Canada), etc. we only display reviews in English.  On glassdoor.de (Germany), we only display reviews in German, and so on. This includes reviews that were originally written in that language as well as any that Glassdoor has translated. On some company profiles this means that upon visiting the Reviews page, a user may see only a portion of the available reviews, which is indicated by the count shown (e.g. 20 reviews out of 100). The remaining reviews are easily found by changing the Language using the Filter. However, even though we only show a portion of the reviews, the rating shown is the Default Rating as described above. Using the above example, even though a user might only see 20 German ratings on glassdoor.de, the rating for the Company, CEO, and so on would reflect the 100 total reviews for the company. 

Company Ratings:

Company ratings are based on a 5-point scale:

  • 0.00 - 1.50 Employees are "Very Dissatisfied"
  • 1.51 - 2.50 Employees are "Dissatisfied"
  • 2.51 - 3.50 Employees say it's "OK"
  • ​3.51 - 4.00 Employees are "Satisfied"
  • ​4.01 - 5.00 Employees are "Very Satisfied"

Location Ratings

In addition to the overall company rating that you see on a profile, you may also see Company Location ratings either under the Locations tab or on the right side of the Overview tab.

These ratings are distinct to a specific company location and are calculated based only on company reviews that have that specific location listed on them. Therefore, it's not unusual to see a location rating that differs from the overall company rating, as the overall rating is calculated based on all company reviews - those with locations listed and those without. 

  • The exception to this is if an employer has a Local Employer Profile (LEP), in which case the overall company rating is determined based on content with locations specific to the country of the domain being visited. To see the global rating, you can simply utilize the location filter on the Reviews tab and select Worldwide

EmployersIf your company only operates in one location, then you may not find the Locations feature to be of use to you, as this feature is designed to show the employee sentiment across different office locations. In order to remove a company location, see Add or Remove Company Locations. When you remove a company location from your profile, the respective location rating will also be removed. Note: Job seekers will still be able to see your headquarters location listed under the Overview section of your profile.

CEO Ratings:

Employees have the option to rate their CEO during the company review process. CEO approval ratings are based on the percentage of employees who approve their CEO. Users have the option to rate their CEO. All users do not choose to review their CEO, though, which means this rating only reflects those reviewers who did review their CEO.

The CEO rating -- like all our ratings -- reflects any applied filters, meaning, if you search on "Software Engineer" for a company, the CEO rating will reflect the rating of the current CEO by reviews by users with that Job Title. (Note: For companies based in Brazil or reviews left on our Brazilian site, we do not ask or display CEO ratings in order to comply with local content regulations.)
To ensure the highest quality of data integrity and to prevent manipulation, Glassdoor does not discuss the details of our proprietary algorithm.

Note: The update of ratings does not occur immediately due to website caching. You can expect your ratings to be updated within 7 business days. 


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