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Writing a company review

Updated 30 August, 2019

Millions of job seekers rely on Glassdoor's reviews and other user-submitted content to find jobs and companies they love. Please be sure to review and follow our Community Guidelines to ensure everyone can benefit from a helpful, balanced, and authentic community

Each individual should submit only one review, per employer, per year, per review type (e.g. company review, interview review, salary review, benefit review, etc.) Your content should be related to jobs you have held (or interviews you have had) within the last five years so it's relevant to today's job seeker.

To write a company review on Glassdoor from the homepage:

  1. Sign in to your Glassdoor account.

Note: You must have a validated Glassdoor account in order to submit a review. For more information, please view our article on how to create an account.

  1. Click Write Review at the top right of the page.

  2. Select Company Review.

  3. Choose your Employer Status.

  4. Type the name of the company you are reviewing in the Employer Name box

  5. A drop-down menu will appear with a list of companies in the Glassdoor database that match your entry. Click on your company name to select it from the list.

Note: Please see the article "Add my company" for instructions on adding a company to Glassdoor if it is not already available.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Rate your company by choosing a star rating, and add details in the fields provided. At this time the form does not support paragraph breaks or other rich text editing options.

Note: The following fields are required for submission. You are limited to 5000 characters. 

  • Overall rating
  • Title of your review (this is the review headline that displays on the site)
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Advice to Management 
(While Job Title and Location are optional fields, if you do supply this information, it will show with your review on the site. If you do not wish to disclose this information, please leave these field blank)
  1. Click the box to verify you agree to Glassdoor's Terms of Use, and to acknowledge that the review of your experience is truthful.

User-added image

  1. Click Submit Review.

If you did not Create an account or Sign In prior to writing your review, you must complete this process prior to submitting your review for approval.


  • To maintain data quality and ensure each post is within our Community Guidelines, we review every post before it appears on the site. This means it may take as long as 24 hours for a member of the Glassdoor team to review and approve your post (and sometimes longer if you posted for a company that we don't already have in our system).

  • If your review has been submitted more than 72 hours ago, and is still showing pending, please check to make sure you have activated your account

  • You may view the status of your contributions at any time within your account contributions.  

  • For information on how to edit a review you have already submitted, please read our article Edit or delete my contribution.

  • If you are a current student and you do not have the ability to submit a review, please view our article on Student Account Requests.

Write a Company Review

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