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Glassdoor + Indeed Partnership FAQ

Updated 20 July, 2020

How are Glassdoor and Indeed connected? 

  • Indeed and Glassdoor are sister companies, owned by Recruit Holdings. Both maintain distinct brand identities. 

Why are Indeed and Glassdoor partnering? Aren’t you competitors?

  • Glassdoor and Indeed are partnering to bring clients the power of our combined strengths in hiring and employer brand solutions. 

  • Our partnership opens the door for clients to tell their brand story and hire from an unmatched audience representing over 80% of US online job seekers1 , advancing both companies’ missions to help people get jobs they love. 


In what areas will Glassdoor and Indeed partner?

  • We’re starting by streamlining the sales and service experience. Starting in July 2020, clients will be able to access both the Indeed and Glassdoor job seeker audiences through Indeed job advertising. 

  • This fall, you’ll begin to see changes in the product experience. Clients will be able to access reviews and ratings from both platforms, all in the Glassdoor Employer Center.

  • As sister companies within the Recruit Holdings HR Tech business unit, we believe that partnering gives us the opportunity to significantly improve the employment industry to the benefit of job seekers and employers, now and in the future.


What should we expect in terms of product innovation coming from Glassdoor? 

  • Glassdoor product innovation will be focused on its core strengths: employer branding and insights. Beginning Fall 2020, clients will be able to access reviews and ratings from Indeed and Glassdoor -- all in the Glassdoor Employer Center


I am currently an Indeed customer.  Where do my jobs go when I sponsor them? 

  • Starting on July 21, 2020, jobs you sponsor on Indeed will also get posted to Glassdoor, automatically increasing the reach of your job postings.

How do I contact Indeed Support? 


1 (US): Over 80% of U.S. online job seekers visit Indeed or Glassdoor
Citation: Comscore, Unique Visitors, April 2020. Job seeker cross-visit rate set at 3X non-job seeker rate

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